Saturday Monthly Commander Event - December 3rd

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    It's the last event of the 2nd 2022 season. Top 16 will have special invite to participate in a fun Commander event with additional prizes. 

    Join us the first Saturday of every month for our "All Day COMMANDER events!!! "

    Starting at 12pm until 8pm come in any time and you'll be able to join us for all the Commander Fun!!!

    Entry: $20 or $12 if you show up after 5pm. (Pre-Reg or pay in War Room on day of event)

    Play in pods of 4 players . Win a pod, Win a prize. The more pods you win and the more kills you get the more points you earn.


    - Players can go infinite (But not till everyone has had a turn 5 in the pod)

    -No Proxies allowed (This includes gold bordered cards/World Championship cards and CE or IE cards)

    - Player can change their deck each round if they choose or keep playing the same one, it's up to them.

    - New Pods fire as we hit 4 players


    - Play in a pod - 1 Point (I.E. Play in 5 pods get 5 points)

    - Eliminate a player - 1 Point per

    - Win a pod - 2 Points

    - Most Kills - 15 points (have the most kills at end of day)

    - Kill someone with another players Commander - 5 Points (once per event)

    - Sweep entire pod without going infinite or using an instant win combo. - 2 Points (Such as Thassa's Oracle w/ Tainted pact, or Temple Bell w/ Mind over Matter, Looping Urza Lord High Artificer w/ dramatic Reversal w/ Isochron Scepter, Etc.) These bonus points will be up to the discretion of the event Coordinator, Organizer, Judge

    - Infect Damage or Exilie/Mill an opponent - 1 Bonus Point per occurrence. (Updated)

    - First Blood - Deal the first point of damage in a pod (NEWLY ADDED) 1 Bonus point

    Prizes: Earn Points and redeem for prizes

    -Each player will receive a random promo pack Card for participating as well as a Set Booster pack from any current in stock Standard Set. In Addition you will also receive a free non-holo promo card at random. Plus a raffle ticket where we will be giving away either a playmat or Wall Scroll at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm (Must be present to win)

    - 5 Points - Promo Pack Card at random

    - 5 Points - Raffle Ticket

    - 10 Points - Draft booster pack (Standard Legal) (Was 15points)

    - 15 Points -  Set Booster Pack (Standard Legal) (Was 20 Points)

    - 20 Points - Commander Legends or Jumpstart Booster Pack (Was 25 points)

    - 40 Points - Collector's Booster pack (Standard Legal) or Playmat or Wall Scroll                               (Was 50 Points)

    - 50 Points - Collector's Pack of Comm. Legends or Non-Standard CE Pack

    - 100 Points - Bundle (Standard Legal)(Was 175 Points)

    - 175 Points - Draft Booster Box (Standard Legal) 

    - 225 Points - Set Booster Box (Standard Legal) (Was 300 Points)

    - 250 Points - Commander Legends or Jumpstart Booster Box (Was 500 Points)

     -Wall Scrolls and playmats will be at random from our prize inventory and can not be chosen from Store Inventory. (These prizes have been donated by Ultra Pro)

    - We will be implementing some new fun things during these events including the "POWER HOUR" where certain bonuses of mechanics, abilities or features will be added during this time. (Ex: All damage is doubled or all Instances/Sorceries have Split Second. These are just examples and may or may not be actually used)

    - Unused points can roll over and be saved until the end of June 2022. Points must be redeemed during one of these events. Points clear Semi-Annually( End of June and December)

    -Top 16 point earners will be invited to a FREE special invite only event where the winner will receive a Draft Booster of the newest Standard Set.

    - $20.00

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