Saturday Monthly Commander Event - September 3rd

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    A new season of Commander League has begun. New chance to earn and save points as well as making the TOP Point earners board for our special invite event.

    Join us the first Saturday of every month for our "All Day COMMANDER events!!! "

    Starting at 12pm until 8pm come in any time and you'll be able to join us for all the Commander Fun!!!

    Entry: $20 or $12 if you show up after 5pm. (Pre-Reg or pay in War Room on day of event)

    Play in pods of 4 players . Win a pod, Win a prize. The more pods you win and the more kills you get the more points you earn.


    - Players can go infinite (But not till everyone has had a turn 5 in the pod)

    -No Proxies allowed (This includes gold bordered cards/World Championship cards and CE or IE cards)

    - Player can change their deck each round if they choose or keep playing the same one, it's up to them.

    - New Pods fire as we hit 4 players


    - Play in a pod - 1 Point (I.E. Play in 5 pods get 5 points)

    - Eliminate a player - 1 Point per

    - Win a pod - 2 Points

    - Most Kills - 15 points (have the most kills at end of day)

    - Kill someone with another players Commander - 5 Points (once per event)

    - Sweep entire pod without going infinite or using an instant win combo. - 2 Points (Such as Thassa's Oracle w/ Tainted pact, or Temple Bell w/ Mind over Matter, Looping Urza Lord High Artificer w/ dramatic Reversal w/ Isochron Scepter, Etc.) These bonus points will be up to the discretion of the event Coordinator, Organizer, Judge

    - Infect Damage or Exilie/Mill an opponent - 1 Bonus Point per occurrence. (Updated)

    - First Blood - Deal the first point of damage in a pod (NEWLY ADDED) 1 Bonus point

    Prizes: Earn Points and redeem for prizes

    -Each player will receive a random promo pack Card for participating as well as a Set Booster pack from any current in stock Standard Set. In Addition you will also receive a free non-holo promo card at random. Plus a raffle ticket where we will be giving away either a playmat or Wall Scroll at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm (Must be present to win)

    - 5 Points - Promo Pack Card at random

    - 5 Points - Raffle Ticket

    - 10 Points - Draft booster pack (Standard Legal) (Was 15points)

    - 15 Points -  Set Booster Pack (Standard Legal) (Was 20 Points)

    - 20 Points - Commander Legends or Jumpstart Booster Pack (Was 25 points)

    - 40 Points - Collector's Booster pack (Standard Legal) or Playmat or Wall Scroll                               (Was 50 Points)

    - 50 Points - Collector's Pack of Comm. Legends or Non-Standard CE Pack

    - 100 Points - Bundle (Standard Legal)(Was 175 Points)

    - 175 Points - Draft Booster Box (Standard Legal) 

    - 225 Points - Set Booster Box (Standard Legal) (Was 300 Points)

    - 250 Points - Commander Legends or Jumpstart Booster Box (Was 500 Points)

     -Wall Scrolls and playmats will be at random from our prize inventory and can not be chosen from Store Inventory. (These prizes have been donated by Ultra Pro)

    - We will be implementing some new fun things during these events including the "POWER HOUR" where certain bonuses of mechanics, abilities or features will be added during this time. (Ex: All damage is doubled or all Instances/Sorceries have Split Second. These are just examples and may or may not be actually used)

    - Unused points can roll over and be saved until the end of June 2022 event. Points must be redeemed during one of these events. Points clear Semi-Annually( End of June and December)

    -Top 16 point earners will be invited to a FREE special invite only event where the winner will receive a Draft Booster of the newest Standard Set.

    - $20.00

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